My First Post


This is Srikanth, a die hard fan of “Coding”. I’m working for an MNC as a Team lead and leading around 5+ resources (ofcourse all of them are top notch 🙂 ).. My primary interest is in to developing my self and my mates who are really interested in my style of coding… 

And so, this blog is mainly focused on my learnings, new topics, new techonologies and so on rather than my personal interests.

I’m now working on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Unified Service Desk (aka USD) henceforth much of my content revolve around CRM & WPF albiet I would love to touch other topics.

I’m very much keen to learn new things. If you have any new point on my posts, I would be very much happy if you can post it via comments. Or you can reach me on my email id : at any time. 

Hope you will enjoy my posts …


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