USD – Enhanced Forms, Views etc.

I would say one of the must solution for USD, quick n easy to use forms, views n many more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Unified Service Desk

Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk (USD) is a great product but I do often find I like to enhance the views and forms for editing my USD configuration. In this post I provide a link to a managed solution designed to give an improved experience when editing hosted controls, actions, toolbars etc.

My USD solution is pretty big! Meaning I often find benefit in these improvements, as they help me navigate my solution and make changes quicker. Below you will find a link to the solution I’ve created to give me that enhanced navigation.

This is a managed solution, meaning you can import it, try it and remove if you’d like to return to the out of the box navigation.

To install it, first ensure you have USD installed and then simply import.

Note: The solution below is for Dynamics 365 v8.2;


I have detailed some of my UI enhancements below.

Enhanced Views

On most of…

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